The Process

Hello! In order to help you decide if Cerulean Science will meet your needs here is a bit of information about how typically the process goes.

1). A potential client contacts us by phone, email or carrier pigeon.

2). We’ll communicate.

3). Together, we’ll determine the medium and content of your message.

4). While timelines are project dependent, typically you can expect a set of mockups within a week. My style is to present many ideas and then focus on the ones you like, refining along the way.

5). We’ll work together in honing in on the final product.

6). Payment timelines can also fluctuate, but full payment will never be required until you are completely satisfied. I charge per project rather than per hour.

I’m a designer and writer. I have a master’s degree in philosophy. I love pop culture, history and solving problems. I love rock-show posters, old advertising, illustration, short stories and well-reasoned essays. Minneapolis is my town. It is a artistic, smart city and there are always unique events happening. These experiences inspire and influence my writing and design.

I study the history of design and what works, rather than following fads or trends. I constantly look to the past in order to understand what will be effective now. I never simply copy older designs, but rather connect with it in a contemporary way.

I can take any marketing project from inception to successful implementation. Logo, branding, illustration, letterhead, blogs, copy, research are my expertise. All communication whether visual or written is a problem with a solution. My goal is that your communication will be torn out stuck on refrigerators. I want people to buy posters of your ads.

Communication should be direct and clear with no extraneous parts. I try to communicate as much as possible with the fewest words, the fewest shapes and colors. I believe this is what gathers attention and embeds in memory. My writing is compact, direct and powerful. My design is economical, clear and pops off the page and screen.

Please call or email and we’ll discuss your needs. I would love to help you and your organization achieve its goals.